The following account is based on T & A Harper Smith, Memorials in St Mary's Acton (Acton Past and Present No.12, 1987), by kind permission of the Acton History Group. The sketches are from the same publication. Photographs were taken in 2008, and further comments and corrections are in italics.  
  1. Memorial  
    Catherine, daughter of Giles Hambler of Ghent, 2nd wife and widow of Sir Edward Conway, 1st Viscount Killultagh and 1st Viscount Conway, who was buried 5 July 1639; he had died 1630.  
    Arms now missing : Sable on a bend cotised argent a rose between two annulets gules (Conway), impaling: A maiden's head and shoulders couped below the breasts (Hambler; but Hueriblock according to Env.Lond.)  
    (Burke's Extinct Peerage; Environs of London, v.2)  
    The memorial is very difficult to read, but the "missing" arms may have been on the now blank shields at the head of each pilaster. The inscription "Lady Conway died A.D. 1637 is on the base.  




  WEST WALL North  
  2. Memorial  
    Richard Dewell A.M., son of Timothy Dewell S.T.P. formerly Rector of Lidyard Tregoze, Wilts, and his wife Anne daughter of Anthony Saunders of Eastlack Gloucs S.T.P.; he died 26 Jan 1717 aged 47  
    Gules 6 crescents 3, 2 and 1 or (for de Welle)  
Picture Picture
  3. Memorial  
    Philippa wife of Francis Rous M.P., Speaker of the Short Parliament and Provost of Eton, she died 20 Dec 1657 aged 85, and he died 1659.  
    Arms (now missing) : Or an, eagle displayed azure, beaked and legged gules (Rous); impaling: Argent three crescents gules (?Cheke)  
    (Papworth's Ordinary)  
  4. Memorial  
    Jonathan Rogers son of Jonathan Rogers de Chippenham, Wilts and his wife Elizabeth daughter of Antony Saunders of Eastlach, Gloucs, S.T.P., who died 4 Feb 1694/95 aged 64 (cf. no.2)  
    [Argent] a chevron between 3 stags trippant [sable] (General Armory)  
    However, the shield now (2008) shows Sable a saltire gules.  
Picture    Picture
  5. Memorial  
    Anne eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Harris of Cornworthie, Devon, Serjeant-at-Law, who married 1st Sir Thomas Southwell of Spixworth, Norfolk, and 2nd Henry Sibthorpe, Sergeant-Major and Privy Counsellor of Munster; she died 2 Oct 1636 aged 62, her husband surviving  
    Arms now missing: Argent two bars gules (Sibthorpe); impaling: [Sable] three crescents argent (Harris) (General Armory)  
  6. Memorial  
    Francis Stratford, Governor of the Hamburg Company, youngest son of Edward Stratford of Nuneaton and his wife Grace [Partiger]; he was born 2 Feb 1644/45 and died 21 Dec 1704  
    Barry of ten argent and azure a lion rampant gules (Stratford); "Arms covered over with a large red cross".  
    As noted above, the Stratford arms have been replaced by Sable a cross gules.  




  6. Memorial  
    Molly Grave Wall, widow of Lt-Col John Wall of Tewkesbury Park [will proved 1808] and previously widow of Griffith Price KC of Lincoln's Inn and Penllergaer, Glam. [Griffield in Harper Smith and sic on monument]; she died 6 Mar 1837 aged 86  

On a lozenge: Per fess [argent and gules] a fess embattled counterembattled between three fleurs-de-lys all counterchanged (Wall, Worcs.); in pretence: Ermine on a chief indented gules three escallops argent (Rous) (General Armory; Papworth's Ordinary)

  7. Memorial  
    Daniel Wait, who married [23 Sep 1657 at St Peter Pauls Wharf] Anne [Bradford in IGI, but only daughter and heiress of John Mills of Colebrook, Devon in BEB], afterwards widow of Sir John Coryton [of West Newton Ferrers, Cornwall] [1st] Bt [died 1680]; she died 23 Apr 1707 aged 79 [will proved 27 Apr 1707]  
    Arms of Anne: Argent on a fess sable three stags' heads erased or (Bradford); impaling: on the the sinister side, Argent a chevron gules (it should be sable) between three bugle horns sable (Wait); and on the dexter side, Argent a saltire sable with the Badge of Ulster (Coryton Bt)  
    (International Genealogical Index; Burke's Extinct Baronetage; PCC Wills; Papworth's Ordinary)  
  8. Memorial  
    Catherine, eldest of the three daughters of Thomas Henslow and his wife Mary daughter of Walter Moyle; she died 26 Aug 1680 aged 14.  
    On a lozenge: Argent on a cross gules five lions' heads erased or (Henslow)  
    This has now been repainted with the cross sable and the heads gules.  
  9. Memorial  
    Frances daughter of Samuel Trotman of Siston Gloucs. and his wife Elizabeth only daughter and heir of the Hon. William Montague, quondam Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and second son of Lord Montague of Boughton. Frances Trotman was born 18 Jun 1696 and died "at nurse" 10 Jul 1698 of smallpox and was buried in Acton.  
    On a lozenge: Quarterly; 1st and 4th, [Argent] a cross between four roses [gules seeded or barbed vert] (Trotman); 2nd and 3rd, Quarterly, i and iv, [Argent] three lozenges conjoined in fess [gules] within a bordure sable (Montagu); ii and iii, [Or an eagle displayed vert] (Monthermer). [This last interpreted in the sketch as a squirrel]  
    Crest: On a wreath gules and ?argent, A garb argent bound gules and ?argent  
10. Memorial
    Sir Richard Birnie of Broomcroft, who died 1832 aged 73, and his wife Louisa, who died 1838 aged 63.  
    [Gules] a fess between in chief a bow and arrow in full draught and in base three men's legs couped at the thigh in fess palewise [all argent] (Birnie) (General Armory)  
    Crest: A lion's head erased  
    Motto: Sapere aude incipe  
11. Memorial  
  Col Stephen Peacocke, 3rd Foot Guards, died 20 Nov 1830  
  [Quarterly or and azure] four lozenges in cross between four annulets [counterchanged] (Peacocke of London, Hampshire and co. Clare), impaling: Three bars dancetty
Crest: A cockatrice [vert]
(Burke GA)
Stephen Peacocke 1830 Stephen Peacocke 1830
12. Brass
    Humphrey Cavell died 17 Nov 1558  
    Ermine a calf statant [gules] in chief a fleur-de-lys for difference; impaling: a saltire between four martlets ( )  
    Humphrey Cavell married Alice Nasshe by Faculty Office licence 12 Aug 1546, but she was already a widow, as evidenced by references to her daughters (in addition to the children of their marriage) in his will (2 Aug 1557 proved PCC 11 Feb 1558/59). Alice Cavell, widow, married by Bishop of London's licence 25 Sep 1568 William Harwarde, Rector of St Clement Danes.  
13. Brass (modern)
    Sir Thomas Cooke of Lincoln's Inn and Acton, Barrister at Law, Lord of the Manors of Rydmarley Oliver and Staunton, Worcs; he married Mary daughter and co-heir of George Courthope of St Clement Danes, Goldsmith. He was buried 6th August 1678, aged 46 years and she died April 1688.  
    [Or] a fess between two lions passant [gules] (Cooke of Redmorley Oliver); in pretence: [Argent] a fess [azure] between three estoiles [sable] (Courthope)  
    Knight's helm  
    Crest: A tyger's head erased ducally gorged gules  
    John Cooke of Chiswick MDX son and heir of Sir Thomas Cooke; married Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Hackett of N Crawley BKM; buried 23 Dec 1700 aged 36.  
    Cooke quartering Courthope, impaling: Argent three fleurs de lis in bend between two cotices (Hacket) [Burke GA]  
    Esquire's helm, crest as above  
    Brass erected by William Hyde Cooke 1874  
14. Memorial (brass)
    Rev Charles Musgrave Harvey MA Oxon, Prebendary of St Paul's, Rector of Acton 1869-1896, Vicar of Hillingdon 1896-1916; born 11 May 1837, died 2 Nov 1917  
    Quarterly, 1st and 4th: [Or] on a chevron between three leopards' heads erased [gules] three crescents [or] on a canton a squirrel sejant (Harvey); 2nd, [Gules] six annulets [or] (Musgrave); 3rd, On a chevron three ?swans [sic in Harper Smith]  
    Quarterly, 1st and 4th: Or on a chevron embattled gules between three bears' gambs erased erased ermines three crescents erminois on a canton gules an eagle displayed standing on a serpent nowed or (Harvey); 2nd, Azure six annulets or (Musgrave); 3rd, Argent on a chevron gules three bezants [as observed 2008]  
    Crest: Two lions gambs erect ermines holding a crescent erminois  
15. Memorial
    Frederick Alfred Baldwin of Springfield, Charter Mayor & first Mayor of Acton, a past Grand Standard Bearer of the United Grand Lodge of England; died 1 Mar 1924 aged 69.  
    Gules an Oak Tree issuant from a Mount in base proper on a Chief Or between to the dexter an open Book and the sinister a Cog-Wheel both proper a Pale of the first charged with three Seaxes fesswise in pale proper pomelled and hilted Or points to the sinister and cutting edge upwards in chief a Saxon Crown of the last
Crest: Out of a mural crown or an oak branch leaved and fructed proper
(Borough of Acton 1921-74)
    (Civic Heraldry of England and Wales)  
Acton Borough Acton Borough

Frederick Baldwin

16. Memorial
    Thomas Bramley of East Acton died 13 June 1807 aged 75  
    "Arms repainted incorrectly ... and faded"; no picture available  
    Evidently per pale and per fess indented. The usual pattern for Bromley (Per pale per fess indented gules and or) is probably intended here.  
Thomas Bramley 1807 Thomas Bramley 1807
17. Memorial (brass)
    Francis Arthur Noel Brown, 2nd Lieutenant 17th Worcestershire Regiment, only son of George Arthur and Elsie Brown of this Parish, killed 21 July 1916 aged 18 at Ovillers, La Boiselle, France.  
    Arms of the Regiment; no picture available  
Worcestershire Regt
18. Brass
    Peter Thomas Ouvry M.A. J.P. of East Acton, for 38 years Vicar of Wing, Bucks; Born 19 Oct 1811, died 2 Jun 1891
Col Henry Aimé Ouvry C. B. 9th Queen's Royal Lancers; born, 10 Mar 1813, died 12 Feb 1899
Frederic Ouvry F.S.A.; born 20 Oct 1814, died 26 Jun 1881
John North Ouvry North M.A. Rural Dean of Ealing; born 13 Jan 1817, died, 4 Nov 1876
Francisca Ingram Ouvry; born, 29 Nov, 1818, died 1 May 1876
Sarah Mary Sibson wife of Francis Sibson M.D. F.R.S.; born 13 May 1822, died 22 Jan 1898
    Quarterly, 1st and 4th: Argent a lion rampant sable crowned armed and langued gules (Ouvry of Picardy); 2nd and 3rd: Per pale or and azure barry of six on a chief a pale between two esquires all counterchanged overall an escutcheon argent (Garnault)  
    (General Armory)  
Peter Ouvry 1891 Peter Ouvry 1891
19. Marble tablet
    Atlee family of Fordhook  
    "Unidentified arms. Pure decoration. The Atlees bore no arms."  
    However, General Armory has three entries for Atlee/Atley, including: Atlee (Sussex). Azure a lion rampant argent, simetimes queue fourchy.  
  20. Vault  
    Members of the Wegg family between Elizabeth wife of Samuel Wegg, 1799 and Elizabeth Wegg, 1842  
    [Argent] [should be a fess engrailed between] three annulets [sable]  
    (General Armory)  
    Harper Smith says "Wegg arms were on the vault beneath".  
Atlee Picture
21. Memorial
    James Cocks, 5th son of John Cocks and Mary his wife of Castledich, Herefs, who died 6 Aug 1804 aged 70.  
    Arms faded and illegible, but chevrons and fesses dancetty can just be made out, confirming that these are the same arms as on the following.  
James Cocks1804 James Cocks 1804
22. Memorial
    Martha daughter of Admiral Watson and wife of James Cocks, died 17 Mar 1790 aged 38; and two infant sons.  
    Quarterly, 1 and 4: [ ] a chevron gules between three pairs of stags' attires conjoined sable, a crescent or for difference (Cocks); 2 and 3: [ ] a fess dancetty ermine; impaling: on a chevron engrailed gules between three martlets three crescents or (Watson)  
    Cocks Earl Somers bears: Sable a chevron between three pairs of stags' attires conjoined argent (Cocks), quartering: Vert a fess dancetty ermine (Somers)
There are several families called Watson with arms like these; the field is usually argent, the chevron azure, the martlets sable
(Burke GA)
Martha Cocks 1790

Martha Cocks 1790

23. Memorial
    Mary [née Maria Comes of Frankenthal in the Rhenish Palatinate] who married [14 May 1622] [Maj-Gen Philip] Skippon [M.P.], died 24 Jan 1655/56 [aged 54. He was born 1600, remarried Katherine Philips, widow, and died 1660.]  
    Arms now missing: Quarterly, 1st and 4th: Gules five annulets or [not as sketch] (Skippon); 3rd, Azure a chevron between three crosses paty or (Barclay); 4th, Barry of eight argent and vert a griffin segreant or (Downing); impaling: Ermine three lions passant in pale gules (Comes)  
    (Environs of London, v.2; General Armory; Papworth's Ordinary; Dictionary of National Biography; International Genealogical Index)  
Picture Skippon
24. Memorial
    Crayle Crayle, [who married 15 Dec 1743 at Hertford Elizabeth Serine] died 20 Oct 1780 aged 58  
    Argent three mascles sable (Crayle); impaling: Quarterly; 1st and 4th, a tower; 2nd and 3rd, a lion rampant guardant (?Serine).
Though sculpted as mascles, they have been coloured in as lozenges.
    (Environs of London, v.2; International Genealogical Index)  
Picture Crayle Crayle 1780 Crayle Crayle 1780
25. Memorial  
    John Crayle, who married 21 Apr 1678 Saint Stephan Coleman Street Sarah Hinton and died 4 Apr 1729 aged 81; his widow died 19 Apr 1732 aged 76  
    Argent three mascles sable (Crayle); impaling: per fess dancetty or and sable six fleurs-de-lis counterchanged (Hinton)  
    (Environs of London, v.2; Papworth's Ordinary; International Genealogical Index)  
  26. Memorial  
    John Peryn, Goldsmith and Alderman of London, Commissioner of Peace for Middlesex, died 26 Feb 1656/57  
    Arms now missing: Argent on a chevron azure between three pears vert as many leopards heads of the field  




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