City of London


  This Church was severely damaged in 1940. The following account is abstracted from Monumental Inscriptions and Heraldry in St Olave's, Hart Street, London, with annotations from wills, etc. transcribed and annotated by Arthur J. Jewers, and edited and indexed by A. W. Hughes Clarke, 1929; originally published in Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica. Where the heraldry or monument has survived, bold face is used.


New heraldry (i.e. post-Jewers) is in italics; new information is in [square brackets].

  Over Vestry door

Pillared monument


Sir James Deane, knighted at Whitehall 8 July 1604, was descended from the family of Deane or Dene of Denelands. Sir James amassed a large fortune as a merchant adventurer to India, China, and the Spice Islands. He was fined for refusing to act as Alderman. He gave the rectory of Deane in Hampshire to his brother-in-law Holdip and his successors. Lord of the Manor of Basingstoke, to which town he was a liberal benefactor, he built almshouses for eight poor aged men or women, and his bequests, with some others, enabled the Aldermen and Wardens in 1609 to declare the Fraternity or Guild of the Holy Ghost, standing in the ancient cemetery, a Free School, the master being still called the Chaplain of the Chapel of the Holy Ghost. He remembered the poor in every parish in which he had lived or owned property. He was married three times, first to Susan the daughter of Christopher Bumsted, secondly to Elizabeth daughter of Hugh Offley, Alderman of London, his third wife being Elizabeth the daughter of Richard Thornhill of Bromley in Kent, and relict of Christopher Webbe, Esq., eldest son of Sir William Webbe, Knt., Lord Mayor of London in 1591 (by whom she had a son Sir William Webbe, Knt., who married a daughter of Sir Rowland Litton, Knt.). This lady, after the death of Sir James Deane, married as her third husband John Brewster, Esq., of London, secondary of the Fine Office, the 29th of Sept. 1609, and died the 23rd of Oct. 1609, and was buried in St. Sepulchre's the 2nd of Nov following. Sir James Deane died 15 May 1608 aged 62.

    Over the canopy:
    I Shield: Gules, a lion couchant guardant or, on a chief argent three crescents of the field. (Deane)
      Mantling and helm
      Crest: A demi-lion rampant-guardant or, holding in the dexter paw a crescent gules
    Foot of monument:
    II Deane as above; impaling, Argent, on a bend between two crosses formy fitchy gules three mullets of the field, pierced of the bend (Bumsted). It is incorrectly painted on the monument.
    III Deane; impaling, Gules, four barrulets gemels argent, on a chief of the last a tower of the first, over all a bendlet sable (Thornhill)
    IV Deane; impaling, Argent, a cross couped, from the end of each arm a fleur-de-lis issuing azure, between four Cornish choughs proper (Offley)

  South-East corner
  2. Purbeck slab with inlaid brasses
    Sir Richard Haddon of Staverton NTH, Citizen and Mercer, also Merchant of the Staple; he was Alderman of Bridge Ward, and was Lord Mayor in 1506 and for the latter part of 1512. Will proved 12 Feb. 1516-17, his wife Katherine surviving.
    I A single hose, but no doubt intended for his family arms, viz., Or, a human leg couped at the thigh azure, because the crest is that of his family, namely, Or, a man's leg couped in the middle of the thigh in armour proper, garnished and spurred or, embowed at the knee, the foot in chief and toe to the dexter.
    II Barry nebuly of six argent and azure, on a chief gules a lion passant guardant or (Merchant of the Staple)
    III Gules, a virgin couped below the shoulders affronty, issuing from clouds all proper, crined, vested and crowned with an eastern coronet or, all within a bordure of clouds of the second (Mercers' Company)
    IV Argent, on a chevron between three lions rampant sable, the two in chief respecting, as many bezants (Morland or Norland of Kent)
    V Quarterly of four: 1, Sable, five bezants, two, one and two, a chief or (Robert Byfeld, Alderman of London); 2, Argent, a chevron ermines between three eagles' legs erased at the thigh sable (Bray); 3, Bendy of six .... and . . ..; 4, . . . . three piles issuing from the top of the shield.
    These shields were originally enamelled in their proper colours, but they are now quite gone, which makes it difficult to identify the third and fourth quarterings in the fifth shield.


  South Aisle
  3. Monument in the style of the early eighteenth century set up by public subscription in 1883, from the design of Sir Arthur Blomfield
    Samuel Pepys, Born Feb 25th 1632, died May 26th 1703.
Samuel Pepys was of the family of the Earl of Cottenham : John Pepys of Cottenham married Edith, daughter and heiress of Edmund Talbot (son of Sir Gilbert Talbot) ; their third son Thomas Pepys was father, by Kezia his wife, of John Pepys, Citizen of London and after of Brampton in Huntingdonshire, who died in 1680, leaving by Margaret his wife two children - Samuel, the author of the "Diary", and Paulina, who married John Jackson and was mother of Samuel Jackson, heir to his uncle Samuel Pepys, and who left three daughters, his coheirs.

He married 1655 Elizabeth de St Michel Marchant, who died 10 Nov 1669 aged 28.

    (Boyd's Marriage Index; see monument no.23)
    Sable, on a bend or, between two nags' heads erased argent, three fleurs-de-lis of the first (Pepys); impaling, Ermine, three roses gules, barbed and seeded proper (Marchant, Sieur de St. Michel)
  4. White marble tablet
    Edward Kendal Jones, of this parish who died at Budleigh Salterton 14th November 1812, aged 55. Also of Anna Jones relict of the above who died at Buxton 20th Oct. 1817, aged 57.
    Chequy or and sable, on a fess gules three leopards' faces jessant-de-lis of the first (Jones); impaling, Gules, a fess chequy argent and sable between three eagles displayed or (Kendall). These arms are those of his father and mother, he probably being called Kendall after her.
  5. Hatchment
    Gules, on a fess wavy argent between in chief two garbs or, and in base as many anchors in saltire of the third, a lion passant-guardant azure enclosed by two roses of the first, barbed and seeded proper, in chief a crescent, the difference of a second son (Taylor); impaling, Barry of ten argent and azure, six inescutcheons sable, each charged with a lion rampant of the first, all within a bordure wavy or (Cecil). The wavy bordure indicates illegitimacy.
    Crest: From a mount vert a demi-lion rampant erminois gorged with two bars sable, on the shoulder a crescent for difference, the dexter paw grasping a rose as in the arms, for Taylor.
    The above arms of Taylor were granted in 1810 to Robert Taylor of Tolmers in Bishop's Hatfield, Herts, and of this parish, and to his elder brother John Taylor of Titchfield Street in St. Marylebone, and to their descendants with due differences. The crescent on the arms and crest show that the hatchment was for Robert Taylor, while the whole of the board outside the arms indicates that his wife died before him.

[However Robert Taylor's will, proved 1825, shows that his wife Mary survived him. A William Taylor married Elizabeth Cecil in St George Hanover Square in 1827.]

    (Boyd's Marriage Index; PCC Wills)

  6 Monument in the form of a sarcophagus
    [Inter alia] Monkhouse Davison departed this life 19th May 1793, aged 80 years, Abram Newman, departed this life 8th March 1799, aged 63 years, Mary Newman [wife of Abram and sister of Monkhouse Davison; married 12 Jun 1759 at All Hallows Staining], died 13th May 1783, aged 63.
    (PCC Wills; International Genealogical Index)
    I Or, a fess wavy gules between six cinquefoils of the second (Davison)
      Crest: On an earl's coronet a dove, wings expanded and in its mouth an ear of wheat, all proper,
    II Per cross sable and argent, in the first and fourth quarters three mullets of the second, on an inescutcheon gules a portcullis or, imperially crowned proper (Newman); impaling, Davison as above
      Crest: A curlew rising proper
    This was originally erected in the church of All Hallows Staining.
  7. Marble slab
    "John Highlord, senior and Skynner of London in his life tyme, being of the age of four score and seven years"
He was the father of John Highlord, who entered his arms and pedigree at the Herald's Visitation in 1633-4. The arms in the Visitation are: [see below]. These were exemplified by Sir William Segar, Garter, to the brothers John and Zachary Hellard or Highlord. Although there is no date of his death on this memorial, the burial register supplies the omission, shewing that on the 4 Jan.1619 Mr John Highlord, aged 89, was buried.
    Sable, a bend fleury counter-fleury argent.
    Crest: An escarbuncle sable, the arms ending in fleurs-de-lis argent.
  North Aisle
  8. Mural monument originally in All Hallows Staining

William Frithe citizen and draper, died 8 Mar 1648/49 aged 74 and Alice his wife (née Sivedale), died 6 Apr 1649 aged 76.

    Sable, two garbs in saltire or (Frithe); impaling, Argent, a bend sable, cotised gules, the outer edge engrailed, between two eagles displayed of the second (Sivedale).
    [In Burke's General Armory these arms are slightly different: Frith has a sickle in base, and the eagles are vert
  9 Small monument
    Emma wife of Robert Charlton citizen & fishmonger of London, died in childbed the 23 June 1622 having been married 10 years 10 months & 17 days & lived 30 one years 5 months & odd days. She was youngest child of Thomas Harby of Adstone in the County of Northampton Esquire by his last wife Katherine Throgmorton daughter of Clement Throgmorton of Haseley in the County of Warwick Esquire and of Katherine Nevyll sister to then Lord of Abergavenny.

Robert Charlton was the second son of Robert Charlton of Tern in Shropshire, and Emma was his first wife. He married secondly Anne, daughter of Richard Wiche of London, merchant.

    I Quarterly, 1 and 4, Or, a lion rampant gules (Charlton); 2 and 3, Gules, ten bezants (Zouche). (Thus in the "Visitation of Shropshire", but in the "Visitation of London" it is Or, ten torteaux.) Over all a crescent for difference.
    II The same; impaling, Gules, a fess dancetty ermine between ten billets argent (Harby).
  10. White marble tablet brought from All Hallows Staining.
    Walter Ray of All Hallows Staining in London, grocer, died 16 Jul 1737 aged 55, his wife Catherine surviving.
    Azure, on a chief or three martlets gules, a crescent in the field for difference (Ray or Wray); impaling, Sable, a fess between two lions passant-guardant or.
  11. Large monument
    Quarterly: 1 and 4, Ermine, on a canton gules an orle argent; 2, Argent, a saltire between four mullets gules; 3, Argent, three Cornish choughs proper, a chief counter-compony of six pieces or and gules (Bewley); impaling, Per fess or and ermine, a lion rampant per fess azure and gules, collared of the first (Ford).
  12. Tablet removed from All Hallows Staining.
    Hugh Ingram, died in April 1798 aged 36, and Robert Ingram merchant in London, died 10 February 1816 aged 58, sons of J. Ingram, Billiter Square and grandsons of Ar. Ingram, Provost of Glasgow
    Ermine, on a fess gules three escallop-shells or, all within a bordure engrailed sable, charged with eight bees volant of the third.
    Crest : A phoenix in flames proper.
    Motto : ad sidera vultus.
  13. Tablet removed from All Hallows Staining
    Alexander Smyth, inhabitant of this parish 66 years, died November 27th 1832 aged 78 years; also Mary Ann his daughter, died March 4th 1826 aged 15 years.
    Quarterly. 1 and 4, Argent, a chevron between three crosses moline gules; 2 and 3, Argent, on a chevron sable between three lions' gambs erased and bendways, claws in base, of the second, armed-gules, a horseshoe or.
    Crest : From a mural coronet or the head of an ostrich proper.
  14. Small tablet
    Alice, daughter of John and Alice Wager citizen and draper, wife of Philipes Farewell of London, and Turkey merchant; she died aged 26, 3rd Oct 1655
    Sable, a chevron between three escallop-shells Argent (Farewell); impaling, Argent, a lion rampant Sable, holding a sword in bend sinister (Phillips).
Probably the arms of his father and mother, as his christian name is Phillips and the coat is not that of his wife Wager.
  15. Tablet
    Robert Tulloch, born 11th October 1742, died 8th August 1830, Jane his wife, born 9th March 1757, died 11th January 1798.
    Or, on a fess between three cross-crosslets fitchy gules as many estoiles of the field (Tulloch of Tannochy, co. Elgin). On an escutcheon of pretence : Argent, on a bend azure three buckles or (Leslie).
    Crest : From an eastern coronet or, a demi-lion rampant, crowned and holding in its paws an estoile gold.
  16. Ornamental tablet
    The Rev. David Laing, M.A., F.R.S., Rector of this parish died August 6th 1860, buried in Highgate Cemetery. He was the son of David Laing, Planter, of Jamaica, who died in Weymouth Street, Portland Place, London, 24 Sept. 1800, and whose will was proved the same year. Rev. David Laing, of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, married Mary Elizabeth, dau. of John West of Jamaica, on April 14, 1824.
    [Argent] three piles meeting in point [Sable] (Laing); impaling, [Argent] a fesse dancetty [Sable] (West).
  North Aisle windows
  17. Window over North Porch  
    Per pale azure and argent a cross between in base two lilies slipped springing from the base point counterchanged, except for both the trumpet argent and pistil or
Crest: From a mural crown agent a demi-dragon azure the wings semy of molets argent holding in both foreclaws a besom erect gules
Mantling: Gules and argent
Motto: Tergere est servare
Inscription in lower pane: Gifted by Liveryman Doreen May Heyes, Almoner of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners 1976-2004
  18. Middle window (of three), known as the Church-wardens' Window
    Left light
    I Argent, a griffin segreant sable (Morgan); impaling, Argent, on a bend azure three fleurs-de-lis or (Bonney).
      Crest : A stag's head couped or.
      Scroll: Thomas Morgan [junr, churchwarden 1854-5, 1855-6]
      [Thomas Morgan married Elizabeth Bonney at St Olave's 24 Apr 1818 (International Genealogical Index; Faculty Office Marriage Licence Allegations)]
    II Azure, a chevron ermine between three urchins or hedgehogs or (Harris); impaling, Azure, a cross moline argent between four hearts gules (should be or) (Miller)
      Crest : A cubit arm erect, vested azure, cuff argent, the hand proper holding an arrow argent, staff and feathered or.
      Scroll: Quarles Harris.
      [Quarles Harris married Anne Miller at St Olave's Mar 1820 (Faculty Office Marriage Licence Allegations)]
    III Argent, a frittillaria  [turncup or turndlily] gules, seeded or, slipped and leaved vert (Turnley); impaling, Gules, on a chevron between three lions passant-guardant argent as many lozenges of the field (Cooper).
      Crest : A demi-lion rampant gules grasping a battle-axe argent, staff or.
      Scroll: Joseph Turnley.
      [Joseph Turnley JP FSA, Deputy Governor of Ulster, Deputy Lieutenant of the Tower, married Mary Anne Cooper (The Turnleys)]
    IV Azure on a chevron argent three mullets of the first, in base a stag's head cabossed of the second
      Crest: A sun or
      Scroll: Douglas Odell Kerr
    Middle light
    V Argent, two chevronels gules between three bucks' heads caboshed sable (Bucknall). On an escutcheon of pretence : Gyronny of six or and azure [a fess ermine] on a canton sable a castle of two towers argent, an annulet for difference.
      Crest : A buck's head caboshed sable.
      Scroll: R[ichard] Corfield Bucknall [C.C., churchwarden 1852-3, 1853-4; John Leahead Bucknall, churchwarden 1862-3, 1863-4]
      [Richard Corfield Bucknall, married in Camberwell, Surrey, 8 Mar 1830 Catherine daughter of John Pingo, engraver to the Tower Mint (International Genealogical Index; PCC Wills)]
    VI Sable, a chevron between three chaplets argent (Buckle); impaling, Azure, a fess counter-compony argent and gules (Berge).
      Crest : From a coronet or, a demi-ounce proper
      Scroll: William Buckle
John William Buckle aged 70 of 33 Mark Lane buried 28 Feb 1846 (St Olave Burial Register)
    VII Gules, on a mount vert a stag courant argent coming out of a wood proper, on a chief azure three towers argent
      Crest : A stag's head couped argent.
      Scroll: John James
    VIII Argent a fess azure between in chief two crosses botonny fitchy sable in base a mullet gules
      Crest: An eagle's head erased azure ducally gorged or in its beak a pheon argent
      Scroll: Basil Carter Sharp
    Right light
    IX Paly of six argent and gules, a lion passant or, on a chief wavy azure an anchor erect enclosed by two martlets of the first; impaling, Argent, a bat displayed sable.
      Crest : A stag lodged beneath a tree, all proper.
      Scroll: Major Usborne
    X Chequy sable and or, on a fess gules three leopards' faces or (Jones); impaling, Sable, a cross formy fitchy or.
      Crest : A dragon's head erased argent, langued gules, gorged with a coronet or
      E. Henry Jones
Edward Henry Jones of Mark Lane, son of Kendall Jones (no.4), Churchwarden 1825-26, died 1865 (former memorial window; church guide 1906)
    XI Sable, a chevron between three owls argent
      Crest : An owl argent.
      Scroll: John Woodley [Matthew Fuller Woodley, churchwarden 1871-2 and 1872-3]
    XII Ermines on a chevron between in sinister chief a mullet and in base three battleaxes palewise in fess or on a canton of the second a helm affronty argent
      Crest: A lion rampant or
      Scroll: Herbert George Pole













  North Aisle East end
  19. Marble tablet
    Thomas Debuke, Commander, Hon East India Company's Service, who died 6 March 1770 aged 55 years; and Jane née Walton his wife, who married him at St Mary's Dover, 17 Jul 1743, and secondly Charles Wilkins at St Dunstan's in the East, 17 Nov 1774, and died August 13 1803 aged 83 years.
    Arms: A chevron .... between three swords erect ....; impaling, .... on a chief .... three roundels ....
These arms are not in Burke's "Armory" for Debuke or Wilkins [but he does record: Argent on a chief gules three roundels ermine, for Walton of Chaklack, co. Durham, and: Sable on a chief argent three torteaux, for another Walton].
    (Boyd's Marriage Index; Vicar General Marriage Licence Allegations; International Genealogical Index)
  20. Brass
    Katherine, third daughter of Nicholas Bestney of Gray's Inn, died 30 August 1609 aged 22, and her sister Ellenor, buried 1592
    Originally in Lambe's Chapel in St. James in the Wall, but removed in 1893 to St. Olave's Church; in 1913 against the wall below the east window of the north aisle; has a coat of arms on a lozenge.
    Arms: Per pale sable and gules, a lion rampant-guardant argent, crowned or (Bestney).
  21. Parts of a marble monument
    Sir John Radlyffe [sic] son of Robert Earl of Sussex, who died 9 Nov 1568.
    Quarterly of eight: 1, Argent, a bend engrailed sable (Ratcliffe); 2, Or, a fess between two chevronels Sable (FitzWalter); 3, Argent, a lion rampant Sable crowned or, within a bordure azure (Burnel); 4, Or, a saltire engrailed Sable (Botetourt); 5, Gules, three lucies hauriant Argent (Lucy); 6, Argent, three bars gules (Multon or Moulton); 7, Or, semee of fleurs-de-lys sable (Mortimer of Atleburghe); 8, Argent, an eagle sable preying on a child proper, swaddled gules, banded or [in chief a mullet sable for difference] (Kulcheth or Culchith); over all a mullet for difference.
    Crest : A bull's head erased Sable, gorged by a coronet or.
    [See also no.27]

  22. Monument
    Peter Capponius of Florence, died of plague (and buried) 27 Oct 1582 aged 31
    Arms: Per bend argent and sable.
  23. Canopied monument
    Andrew Bayninge, Alderman of London, died 21 Dec 1610 aged 67; and Paul Bayninge (his brother) Sherriff and Alderman of London, died 30 Sep 1616 aged 77 years
    Arms: Quarterly: 1 and 4, Or, two bars sable, on each as many escallop shells of the field; 2 and 3, Or, a raven sable perched on a torteaux [in chief a mullet dules for difference].
    Crest gone, but is supplied from the grant: On a mount vert, an ostrich argent, legs or, beak sable, holding a leg gold
    This well-known family, who became peers by the title of Viscount Sudbury, were granted arms by Robert Cooke, Clarenceux King of Arms, in 1588. The arms were granted to the Paul Bayning of the monument, and as an impalement for his wife, whose name was Northern, Azure, a chevron ermine couple closed or between three martlets of the last.
  24. Monument
    Elisabeth Pepys, née Marchant de St Michel, wife of Samuel Pepys, died 10 Nov 1669 aged 28, in the 15th year of their marriage.
    Arms: Sable, on a bend or, between two nags' heads erased argent, three fleurs-de-lys of the first (Pepys); Impaling : Ermine, three roses gules, barbed and seeded proper (Marchant de St. Michel).
    (cf. monument no.3)
  25. Alabaster monument
    Ludolph de Werder of Anhalt, a student of the Universities of Leipsic, Jena, Giessen and Leyden, died of phthisis in London, aged 29 years, 26 Dec 1628
    Arms: Quarterly, 1 and 4 : Azure, a horse salient argent, saddled and bridled gules ; 2 and 3 : . . . . a cross quarterly, pierced ....
    Crest: A horse salient argent, saddled and bridled gules, in front of a corinthian column or, surmounted by a panache of peacock's feathers proper.
    [2007: This achievement is now on the Baptistery west wall]
  26. White marble monument
    Matthew Humberstone of London, died 28 August 1709 aged 60 years; and Jane his wife, the second daughter of James Hoste of Sandringham in Norfolk, who died 17 July 1694 aged 32.
    Arms: Barry of six argent and sable, on the first bar three ogresses (Humberstone) ; impaling : Azure, a bull's head couped affronte argent, armed and winged or (Hoste).
    Since the inscription on the Humberstone monument was copied, the discovery of the Humberstone crest on a helmet, with part of a mantling beautifully carved in oak and painted, shows that the monument was originally much more elaborate. During the restorations in the church this crest, etc., which was fixed by a pin, became detached and broken, then probably placed on the top of the Deane
    2007: The shield now appears totally blank


  27. Columned monument
    Jefferie Kerby, Alderman of London, Grocer, son of Jefferie Kerby, Merchant of Ipswich Suffolk, by Olive daughter of John Kinge of Suffolk; he married Margaret daughter of William Bay of London, Grocer, and died 26 Dec 1632 aged 67. Of their issue Olive married Henry Derham second son of Sir Thomas Derham Kt of West Derham, Norfolk Kt Knight. Also Susan their second daughter who died 26 Oct 1634 aged 20.
    I In the centre at the top:
      Argent, on a fess vert three crosses patty or (Kerby)
      Crest : From a mural coronet or, an elephant's head proper, tusked or
      Granted to this Jeffry Kerby by W. Camden, Clarenceux,
      [2007: This achievement, unpainted, is now on the Baptistery west wall]
    II On the dexter side (or to the left):
      The same arms without the crest
    III On the right hand side:
      Kerby, as before, impaling: Quarterly, 1 and 4, Paly of six or and gules, on a chief of the second three escallop shells of the first (Bay); 2 and 3, Azure, a bend plain, cotised indented or (Power).
    IV On the lower part of the monument, left side:
      Quarterly, 1, Sable, a stag's head caboshed or (Derham); 2, Argent, on a cross gules an annulet or (De Vere of Denver); 3, Gules, an eagle displayed or (Goddard); 4, Gules, three gauntlet pendants or, a canton chequy or and azure (Denver); Impaling: Quarterly, 1 and 4, Kerby, as above ; 2, Bay, as above ; 3, Azure, a bend plain, cotised indented or (Power).
    V On the right side:
      Per pale, the dexter now quite gone ; the sinister: Quarterly, 1 and 4, Kerby ; 2, Bay ; 3, Power.
      [Presumably for Jefferie Kerby's daughter Margaret; she was baptised 1 Jan 1620(/21?) at St Olave's, and may be the Margarett Kerby who married John Amherst or Amberse at St Margaret Pattens 4 Jan 1648(/49?)]
      (International Genealogical Index; Boyd's Marriage Index)
    VI On the lowest part of the monument:
      On a lozenge : 1 and 4, Kerby ; 2, Bay ; 3, Power.








  28. Monument
    Dame Anne the wife of Sir John Radclif Kt, who died 10 Dec 1585.
The burial register has this entry: "1585, Dec. 18. The Lady Anne Radcliffe, late the wife of Mr Fuller Judge of one of the Sheriffes Courtes in Guildhall, brought from St Brides."
Anne was second daughter and coheir of Thomas Benolt, Clarenceux King of Arms, probably by his first wife Margaret; the second wife was Mary, daughter of Lawrence Farmer of Minster Lovell in Oxfordshire.
It has been asserted that this monument formed part of that of Sir John Radcliffe [no.20], but the figure is much too small, being hardly half the size of that of Sir John Radcliffe, but it may originally have been fixed close to the former.
    On a lozenge: Argent, a chevron sable between three ogresses, on a chief azure a lion passant enclosed by two crosses patty fitchy or.
    The arms are those granted to Thomas Benolt, Clarenceux King of Arms, who died in 1534 and was buried in St. Helen's, Bishopsgate
  29. Monument
    Sir John Menns of Sandwich, Kent, son of Andrew Menns (son of Matthew Menns) by Jane daughter of John Blechenden; Commissioner and Comptroller of the Royal Navy under James I, Charles I and Charles II; born Mar 1598; died 18 Feb 1670/71.
    Originally had a shield of arms which has now disappeared: Gules, a chevron vair or and azure between three leopards' faces gold, a coat granted to Menns in 1616.
  Nave north wall
  30. John Travers, who died 25 Sep 1809 aged 72; and Catherine (Walrond) his wife, who died 18 Jun 1797 aged 57.
    Arms: Sable a chevron between two escallop shells in chief, and in base a boar's head couped all argent (Travers); Impaling: Argent, three bulls' heads caboshed sable (Walrond).
    Crest: A wolf's head erased proper.
    [It seems that the shield from this monument was retrieved after the bombing, and has recently (2012) come to light.]

[in private hands]
  Nave south wall
  31. White marble monument
    Elizabeth daughter of Sir William Gore Kt of Tring Herts, Alderman of London, Sheriff in 1698 and Lord Mayor in 1702. She died 18 July 1698 aged 18; he died 20 Jan 1707/08 aged 64.
    Arms: Gules a fess between three cross crosslets fitchy or.
  32. White marble monument
    John Watts, formerly President of the Council of New York in North America when that country was subject to the British Government. He died 15 August 1789 aged 74.
    Argent, an oak tree growing from a mount in base proper, over all on a fess azure, a crescent between two mullets argent
    Crest: From a mount a cubit arm erect, the hand grasping a branch of oak all proper
    Motto: Forti non deficit telum.
2007: Arms now missing
  South aisle east end
  33. Brass
    Sir Andrew Riccard Kt, frequently Chairman of the Honourable East India Company, and for eighteen successive years of the Turkey Company, Sheriff of London 1651-52. He died 6 Sep 1672 aged 67 [or "about 69" according to his will]. Burial Register: 17 Sep 1672 Sir Andrew Riccard. Will 23 July 1672, proved 19 Sept 1672.
[He married firstly (17 Apr 1638, in St Andrew Undershaft) Catherine Williams (died 23 Mar 1639/40), and secondly Susan Bateman, widow of Robert Angell (whom she had married 5 May 1629 at St Dunstan in the East; his will proved 1636) and sister of Sir William and Sir Anthony Bateman; she died 1686.]
    [Boyd's Citizens of London; PCC Wills]
    Three shields
    I Centre
      [Argent], a chevron [sable] in the dexter chief a cinquefoil [gules] (Riccard).
      Crest: A Saracen's head couped at the shoulders and wearing a turban [proper].
    II On the left hand side in a smaller shield
      Riccard, Impaling [Argent] a saltire [azure] and in chief three trefoils [sic in Jewers for: three ermine spots sable] (Williams of London)
    III On the right hand side also a small shield
      Riccard, Impaling [Or], three crescents with an estoile from between the horns of each [gules] (Bateman).
    [2007: This brass is now on the Baptistery west wall]
    See also: An imposing monument with a standing figure of Sir Andrew Riccard, Knt., having the right arm raised and a roll of paper in the hand, being placed in the north aisle.



Brass on floor near the vestry door
    Georg Schrader of Brunswick, born Feb 1580, died 3 Oct 1605, aged 24 [sic].  Father: ... Schrader, mother Catherina von Vechtelt. Burial Register: 1605 October 5 George Shraddier stranger out of Mr Howell's house, buried in the Chancell.
    Two shields of arms:
    I .... a lion's head erased .... crowned .... (Schrader).
      Crest: A lion's head erased .... crowned ....
    II (Argent) on a bend (sable) three roses (or) (Von Vechtelt or Vechelde of Brunswick).
      Crest: From an "eventail" or fan-shaped figure, paly (argent) and (vert), the two exterior pales (sable) therefrom three cocks feather's of the last.
      Vide Riestap's Armorial Generale.
    [2007: This brass is now on the Baptistery west wall]



  35. Floor slab
    Frances Fairborn, daughter of Sir Palmes Fairborn, Lieutenant-General of His Majesty's City and Garrison of Tangier who died 25th July 1677 aged 8.
    Arms: Azure a falcon volant armed jessed and belled or, within a border ermine (Fairborne)
    Crest: An arm in armour fessways the gauntlet grasping a sword erect enfiled with a Turk's head affronty with turban all proper.
    The inscription and charges on the shield of arms, of the above floor slab situated in the south aisle have almost disappeared
  Cross aisle west end
  36. Floor slab
    Elizabeth Willis widow of Capt Francis Willis, who died 29 October 1722 aged 84 years.
[Will of Elizabeth Willis, Widow of Saint Olave Hart Street , City of London 02 November 1722 PROB 11/588] Will dated 17 October 1722. [Husband may be: Will of Francis Willis, Commander of His Majesty's Ship Deal Castle 02 December 1721 PROB 11/582]
    Shield of arms of which the dexter side is worn away ; the wife's arms appear to be a lion rampant.
  North aisle
  37. Floor slab
    Ann Chitty died 1 May 1729 aged 7 month; Ann Chitty died 20 Nov 1730 aged 1 month.
    Arms: (Gules), a chevron ermine and in chief three talbots' heads erased (or) impaling: a chevron between three spear-heads.
    Crest: A talbot's head couped (or).
  38. Floor slab
    John Sansom of the Custom House, died 20 April 1705; Ann Sansom his wife [née Battaillie], died 24 Oct 1719.
Burial Register: 1705 April 25 Jno Sansom Esqr buried in ye myddle chansel; 1719 Octo 30 Mrs Ann Sansum buried in the chancel.
    Arms: .... cross fleury between four escallop shells, all within a bordure ....
    Crest covered.
    These are not the arms of Sansom, but those of a family of Fletcher: sable, a cross fleury between four escallop shells, within a bordure all argent.
  39. Floor slab
    John Beare, merchant, died 29 Jul 1696 aged 77 and Dousabell (Dulcibella) née Harris his wife, died 2 Jun 1688 aged 77; married ca. 1654.
Burial Register: 1688 June 9 Mrs. Dulcibella, wife of Mr John Beare, Mrch was buried in ye south side chauncell; 1696 Aug. 7 Mr John Beare buried in ye south chancell.
    Arms: (Argent), three bears' heads erased (sable), muzzled (or) (Beare); impaling: (Sable), three crescents (argent) (Harris).
    Crest: A bear's head erased (sable), muzzled (or).
  Nave bench ends
  40. I Gules, two swords in saltire, points upwards argent, hilts and pomels or. (The See of London.)
    II Argent, a cross gules, in each canton a three-masted ship in full sail on the sea all proper, on the pennons and ensigns a cross of St. George. (Trinity House Guild.)
    III Argent, on a chevron gules between three steel gads azure, as many swivels or. (Ironmongers Company.)
    IV Sable, on a bend or, between two nags' heads erased argent, three fleurs-de-lis of the field. (Pepys.)
    V Sable, a chevron ermine between in chief two hauettes argent and in base a teasel slipped and leaved or. (Clothworkers Company.)
    VI Argent, a chevron sable, in dexter chief a cinquefoil gules. (Riccard.)
    VII Argent, a cross gules, in the first quarter a sword erect of the second. (Arms of the City.)
    VIII Argent, a chevron gules between ten cloves, 4, 2, 1, 2, 1, sable. (The Grocers Company.)
  Sword stands
  41. Sir Charles Peers, citizen and salter, son of Edmund Peers of London, citizen and grocer. He was knighted 16 July 1707, and Alderman of Tower Ward and Lord Mayor in 1715
    I With the Garter round the arms: Quarterly: I. Per pale, the dexter gules, three lions passant-guardant or (England) ; sinister, or, a lion rampant gules within a tressure fleury counter-fleury of the second (Scotland). II. Azure, three fleurs-de-lis or (France). III. Azure, a harp or, stringed argent (Ireland). IV. Per chevron, the upper part per pale, the dexter gules, two lions passant-guardant or ; the sinister or, a lion rampant azure within an orle of hearts gules ; in base gules, a horse courant argent, over all on an inescutcheon gules the iron crown of Charlemagne gold (Brunswick-Luneberg) (King George the First)
    II Argent, a cross gules, in the first canton the sword of St. Paul of the second (City of London)
    III Sable, a chevron between three lions' heads erased argent, a chief or (Peers). [In the church it is painted as "escallops" instead of lions' heads, which is incorrect, being the arms of Linacre.]
    IV Per chevron azure and gules, three salt dredges or, sprinkling salt argent (Salters' Company)
  42. Sir John Thompson, Kt, a vintner and Governor of the Russia Company, Alderman of Langbourn Ward and Lord Mayor in 1736-37, knighted 31 January 1726-27. He died 18 Feb. 1750, aged 79, and was buried in the church of St. Michael, Crooked Lane.
    I The Royal arms as before but without the Garter.
    II City of London
    III Gules, three bendlets argent, on a canton of the last a lion passant sable (Thompson), and on an escutcheon of pretence: Or, a fret sable (Eaton), for his second wife Catherine, daughter of Sir Peter Eaton, Kt and widow of .... Chandler
    IV Sable, a chevron between three tuns argent (Vintners' Company)
  43. Sir Daniel Lambert Kt, descended from a younger branch of Lambert of Lambert's Oaks and Perrott's Manor, both in Surrey. He was freeman of the Vintners, Alderman of Tower Ward 1737-50, and Lord Mayor after the death of Humphrey Parsons during office, 21 March 1740-1, and M.P. for the City 1741. He married at Banstead Mary, dau. of John Wilrnot, citizen and haberdasher of London. He died of prison fever 13 May 1750, s.p., aged 65, and was buried at Banstead; M.I. there. His wife died 14 May 1770, aged 85. For Lambert pedigree see Surrey Arch. Collections, Vol. XVI.
    I The Royal arms
    II City of London
    III Gules, three sexfoils or narcissus flowers argent a canton or in chief a mullet or (Lambert); impaling, argent, a fess gules, between three eagles' heads erased sable (Wilmott) [In the drawing below the narcissus flowers are shewn with five petals, but should have six petals.]
    IV Sable, a chevron between three tuns argent (Vintners' Company)





  44. Sir William Plomer Kt, who was freeman of the Bricklayers and Tilers' Company, Alderman of Langborne Ward, and Lord Mayor in 1781.
    I Royal arms
    II City of London
    III Per chevron, fleury counter-fleury argent and gules [three martlets counterchanged] (Plomer)
    IV Azure, a chevron or, between in chief a fleur-de-lis enclosed by two brickaxes, and in base a bundle of tallies, all argent (Arms of the Bricklayers and Tilers' Company)






  South Wall adjoining Vestry
  45.   Monument
      Placed by the Corporation of Trinity House in memory of Captn Sir Herbert Acton Blake, k.c.m.g. k.c.v.o. Elder Brother of the Trinity House 1900, Deputy Master 1910-1926, who died at sea 7th March 1926.
      Argent, a cross gules, in each canton a three-masted ship in full sail on the sea all proper, on the pennons and ensigns a cross of St. George (Arms of Trinity House)


  South Transept
  46. East window in lower part of the three lights
    To the Glory of God and in grateful remembrance of those associated with the corporation of Trinity House London who laid down their lives in the Great War 1918.
    I Henry William Frederick Albert Duke of Gloucester, Master of Trinity House 1942-69
      Quarterly: 1 and 4, England; 2, Scotland; 3, Ireland; a label argent, the first and third points charged with a cross, the second with a lion rampant, all gules.
      Ensigned with the coronet of a Royal Duke
      Motto: Dieu et mon droit
    II Argent, a cross gules, in each canton a three-masted ship in full sail on the sea all proper, on the pennons and ensigns a cross of St. George (Arms of Trinity House)
      Crest: A demi-lion rampant guardant or langued azure Royally crowned proper holding in its dexter paw a sword argent hilted and pomelled or
Henry Duke of Gloucester TRINITY HOUSE
  Baptistery south wall
  47. Monument, practically unreadable with the exception of the name
    From Harl. MS. 6072: Elizabeth wife of Henry Billingslye one of the Queen's Matys Customrs of the Port of London who dyed the 29th day of Julye, 1577. Henry, afterwards Sir Henry Billingsley, the husband of above Elizabeth, was Lord Mayor of London in 1596. He was married five times, first to the above Elizabeth Boorne, secondly to Bridget, dau. and coheir of Sir Christopher Draper of London, thirdly Catherine, dau. of Sir John Killigrew and widow of Robert Trapps of London, fourthly Elizabeth Monslow, widow of Rowland Martin, and fifthly Susan, dau. of Richard Tracy of Stanway, co. Gloucester, widow of Edward Barker, Registrar for Causes Ecclesiastical. Sir Henry Billingsley died 22 Nov. 1606.
    Arms: Quarterly: 1 and 4, Gules, a fleur-de-lis and a canton or [Billingsley]; 2, Argent, within a cross sable voided of the field, between four lions rampant of the second, five estoiles as the cross [Billingsley]; 3, Per saltire or and azure, in pale two martlets, and in fess as many cinquefoils, all counterchanged of the field; impaling: 1 and 4, Azure, two lions passant reguardant in pale argent (Boorne) ; 2, Argent, a fess and two mullets sable in chief; 3, Argent, two bars and a canton gules, over all a bend sable (Boys).
    Crest (now gone): On a mount vert a leopard couchant or, spotted sable.
    From St. Katherine Coleman Church
  48. Monument with three coats of arms at top
    Dame Mary wife of Sr Richard Heigham of East Ham in the County of Essex Knt one of the gentlemen pensioners in Ordinarie attendance to our sovereigne Lord Kinge Charles &c, daughter of John Colt of Rickmansworth in the county of Hertford Esq. 27 October 1634 aged 32.
For pedigrees of Heigham see Visitation of Essex, 1612 (Harl. Soc), and 1664-1668 (Howard), and Visitation of Suffolk, 1561 (Howard); for pedigree of Colt of Rickmansworth see Visitation of Hertfordshire (Harl. Soc), p. 43.
    I Sable, a fess counter compony or and azure between three horses' heads erased argent (Heigham) ; impaling, Ermine, a fess between three colts in full speed sable (Colt).
    II Quarterly: 1, Heigham ; 2, Gules, a chevron engrailed ermine between three falcons rising argent, beaked and membered or (Francis) 3, Azure, a fess between three bucks' heads cabossed or, a fleur-de-lis of the first between two demi-roses gules (Stonley) ; 4, ...., a chevron between three ....
      Crest: A horse's head erased azure.
    III Colt as above
    From St. Katherine Coleman Church
  49. Monument
    The inscription on this tomb is unreadable except for the date, mdcxxxvi 26th day of October, but appears to be in Latin. There is no reference to the monument, either in Stow's Survey of London or in Hatton's New View of London.
    Arms: Quarterly: 1, A lion rampant to the sinister; 4, A lion rampant; 2 and 3, Per fess, over all a palm tree.
    Crest: Out of a crown a lion rampant supporting a palm tree.
    From St. Katherine Coleman Church
  South aisle
  50. Window over door
    I Left light
      Argent, a cross gules, in each canton a three-masted ship in full sail on the sea all proper, on the pennons and ensigns a cross of St. George (Arms of Trinity House)
      Crest: A demi-lion rampant guardant or langued azure Royally crowned proper holding in its dexter paw a sword argent hilted and pomelled or
    II Middle light
      Bolton Meredith Viscount Monsell of Evesham, PC GBE, 1st Lord of the Admiralty 1931-36
      Quarterly: 1 and 4, Argent on a chevron between three mullets sable an trefoil slipped or (Monsell); 2, Sable on a chevron nebuly cotised plain argent between three cinquefoils or as many woolpacks of the third a canton of the second (Eyres); 3, Per fess argent and or a fess chequy gules and of the first in chief a lion rampant between two crosses patty gules [but appears or here]
      Ensigned with a Viscount's coronet
      Crests: Dexter, A lion rampant or between its paws a mullet sable
        Sinister, A human leg armoured quarterly sable and argent couped at the thigh standing on a mound vert
      Supporters: Two sealions per chevron argent and sable semy of mullets counterchanged
      Mantling: Sable and argent
      Motto: Mone sale
    III Right light
      Azure an anchor or in bend sinister, within a wreath of laurel and oak leaves, ensigned with a naval crown (The badge of the Admiralty)





  51 Third window from west
    I Left light
      Argent on a cross gules a sun in splendour or, on a chief of the second a lion passant guardant of the third capped chequy argent and sable (City and Guilds?)
    II Middle light
      Sable a chevron ermine between in chief two hauettes argent and in base a teasel or (Clothworkers' Company)
      Crest: On a mound vert a ram statant or
      Supporters: Two griffins segreant or pellety
      Mantling: Sable and argent
      Motto: My trust is in God alone
    III Right light
      Vert an open book inscribed "Et augebitur scientia" between in chief three mullets argent and in base a rose argent barbed and seeded or (University of Leeds)
  52. Chair back
    I City of London
    II The Tower of London, surrounded by a belt inscribed "Tower Ward London" (Badge of Tower Ward)
    III Gules a fess ermine between in chief two crosses botonny and in base a lion rampant all or ( )
      Crest: A wyvern sable between two crosses as in the arms

  East window
  53 Left light
    Gules a lion rampant royally crowned or holding in its two paws a battleaxe argent shafted or (Kingdom of Norway)
    Flanked by the monogram of HM King Haakon VII
  54. Right light
    The Royal arms of the United Kingdom
    Flanked by the monogram of of HM Queen Elizabeth II
  Choir screen
  55. Right side
    I Azure a sword and a mace in saltire all or, ensigned with the royal crown of Norway (for St Olaf)
    II Gules a lion rampant royally crowned or holding in its two paws a battleaxe argent shafted or, ensigned with the royal crown of Norway (Kingdom of Norway)
    Left side
    I Azure a griffin segreant or on a chief of the second two mullets gules, ensigned with a mitre (William Wand, Bishop of London 19451955)
    II Gules two swords in saltire argent hilted and pomelled or, ensigned with a mitre (See of London)
  North aisle east window
  56. Azure the Tower of London argent issuant therefrom the figure of St Paul vested or carrying in his dexter hand a sword and in his sinister a book (Port of London Authority)
    Crest: A galley or the sail charged with the arms of the City of London overall
    Supporters: Two sealions argent maned or each holding a banner, the dexter of England, the sinister of the United Kingdom
    Motto: Floreat portus imperii
  Shields on nave corbels
  57. I Azure a sword argent hilted or and a mace or in saltire (for St Olaf)
    II Azure the Tower of London argent (Tower Ward)
    III Argent a cross gules, in the first quarter a shield of France and England quarterly, ensigned with a Royal crown (Honorable East India Company)
    IV The Badge of the Corn Exchange Company
    V The Vintners Company
    VI Azure a fess wavy argent in chief a sun in splendour between two clouds distilling rain all proper in base a still double armed argent on a fire proper (Distillers Company)
    VII Clothworkers company
    VIII Argent on a chevron gules between three gads of steel argent three swivels or (Iremongers Company)
    IX Port of London Authority
    X Trinity House
    XI City of London
  58. Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners   
    II  Worshipful Company of Clothworkers  


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